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Knowledge center for fiber technology


We like to share our knowledge on fiber products with you

Fiber is the present and the future. There is no question about it. After all, fiber products offer businesses opportunities for improving their products. Fibers are lightweight, strong, long-lasting, and often more cost effective than other products.

More than twenty years ago, we started producing custom fiber products. We are specialized in twisting, coating, winding, and splicing technologies that enable many combinations of fiber product enhancements.

Knowledge center for fiber technology

We perceive ourselves to be a “knowledge center for fiber technology". This does not mean that we know everything, but rather that we are prepared to perform a lot of research. In doing so, our customer is our most important source of information. In cooperation with our customers, we can assess how we can further improve our product. For example, by means of a special coating that generates light in the dark, repels water, or in fact absorbs liquids.
We do not only customize the product, but can also tie it in with your production process. For instance, through supplying the fibers on coils that will accurately fit in your machines.
In this manner, we offer technical as well as economical solutions.