Our Green Initiative

"Green is not only an action but more importantly, a mindset to be responsible for our behavior and to have a positive impact on the environment and in our community." 

Alternate Energy Sources

  •  Using wind energy in Holland
  •  Replacing older technology curing systems with new, highly efficient systems


  •  Recycling / Reusing plastic, cardboard, tubes, and OFSR spools
  •  Recycling loose fibers such as fiberglass, polyester, nylon and aramid
  •  Reusing returnable totes, reels and pallets
  •  Recycle / Reuse heat generated in our manufacturing processes

Motion Sensors

  •  Lighting for lightly traveled production areas, bathrooms, lunchroom, and offices
  •  Installing motion sensors on sinks, soap dispensers and air dryers


  •  Paperless invoicing in Holland
  •  Using Internet and other video devices to cut down on travel
  •  Using Energy Audits to establish baselines.
  •  Email Holiday Wishes instead of cards

FIBER-LINE® Long-Term Environmental Goals

  •  Use roof top real estate to generate Solar power
  •  Research stretch or shrink wrap packaging over cardboard
  •  Evaluate/install T5 lighting where possible
  •  Install sky lights where possible
  •  Introduce paperless paycheck option