Our History

FIBER-LINE® was founded in 1987 as a part-time venture for recycling high performance synthetic fiber products. The Company name describes the process of turning fiber into line ready for use. At the time, the Company was located in Montgomeryville, PA, had four part-time employees, and occupied 400 square feet of space.

The founders and owners Vern Z. Detwiler, Vince J. Pappas and Lou A. Vitola

The Company started its coating operations and had grown to five employees and was occupying approximately 2,500 square feet in Colmar, PA.

FIBER-LINE® moved into 15,000 square feet in its current location in Hatfield, PA to conduct research, development, twisting, coating, winding and packaging operations. By this time, the employee workforce had grown to seven full time personnel.

FIBER-LINE® opened a new division in Charlotte, NC primarily serving the converting needs of the MRG industry. The operation occupied 20,000 sq. ft. and employed four people.

FIBER-LINE® expanded its facility in Hatfield, PA to 62,000 square feet.

It opened another facility in Hickory, NC to serve as the Technical Support Center (TSC) for its customers.

FIBER-LINE® closed its Charlotte facility and expanded the Hickory TSC to include a Joint Venture with Cousin Composites, an affiliate of a successful French company, to manufacture FRP products. 

By October 2001, FIBER-LINE® had expanded to approximately 111,000 square feet in Hatfield with another 60,000 under construction in Hickory.

FIBER-LINE® started a Joint Venture in France with Cousin Composites, SAS. Both Joint Ventures continued until the end of 2004 when market conditions forced the companies to close.

The Company created FIBER-LINE® International, BV, a wholly-owned subsidiary in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, to distribute FIBER-LINE® products throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Russia and the Middle East.

The Company introduced manufacturing operations at its Dutch subsidiary in the form of twisting and winding capacity. In the same year, it also added coating and greater winding capacity to Hickory.

The Hickory facility was increased by 60,000 square feet to a total of 120,000.

FIBER-LINE® opens a warehouse and sales office in Shanghai.

FIBER-LINE® is an international company with over 150 employees and 4 locations. Together with its subsidiary, FIBER-LINE® provides high quality products to a broad range of markets for customers around the globe.