Magnum Shielding

Magnum Shielding Corporation recognizes their commitment to quality and performance and has earned a position as a preferred tier-one supplier. Magnum Shielding manufactures Harley-Davidson’s® proprietary Diamondback™ DOT compliant braided brake lines distributed through the Motor Company’s world-wide network of Authorized Dealers. In addition, Magnum manufactures its own proprietary braided brake line kits for sale to the Harley-Davidson aftermarket. 

Magnum’s brake line assemblies use patented technology to create an exclusive braid that looks very similar to chrome. Because this is a purely cosmetic braid, Aramid fiber is used to provide the strength and performance attributes required by the National Highway dep’t of Transportation for safe and reliable on-road use. 

The design of Magnum’s brake kits allow the user to economically change the handlebars on standard and ABS equipped dual disc motorcycles by splitting the line that goes to the master cylinder. These attractive and flexible brake hoses are used to connect various components of the braking system and smaller line diameters are preferred for routing and appearance considerations.

"FIBER-LINE® has proven to be a valuable resource to us regarding product improvement efforts as well as supporting our engineering department with new product development. Its supply chain vendors like this that help us meet our cost, quality, and delivery metrics”
President of Magnum Shielding

Magnum recognizes that expansion of the flexible hose during application of pressure in the hydraulic system reduces the effectiveness of the braking system. The goal was to improve the volumetric expansion characteristics of the hose and increase performance which relates to improved brake lever response. This directly factors into rider comfort and safety.

Designing such a hose required cooperation. It is for this reason that FIBER-LINE® and Magnum Shielding worked together to design a hydraulic brake line that would exhibit minimum volumetric expansion without increasing the overall diameter of the brake lines. 
FIBER-LINE®  offered several high performance Aramid fibers with varying yield, modulus, and elongation properties for design testing. After completion of Magnum’s design validation processes, known as a DFME, the chosen optimal fiber was coated with a proprietary resin system that improved processing during manufacturing and provided improved abrasion resistance inside the brake line.