FIBER-LINE® Leeuwarden is a 50,000 sq. ft facility located approximately one and a half hours away from Amsterdam.  Primary operations include specialty coating, twist & ply, and precision winding.  FIBER-LINE® Leeuwarden is also the European sales headquarters.

FIBER-LINE® International
European Operations
Uranusweg 3,
8938 AJ Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Phone +31(0) 58 216 75 99
Telefax +31(0) 58 216 70 98
E-mail info@fiber-line.com

Arjan van der Veen
Managing Director

Ingmar Otter
Sales Manager

Jannes Schoenlau
Area Sales Manager

Peter Hartog
Area Sales Manager

Taeke van Lingen
Area Sales Manager

Vika Wang
Area Sales Manager & Management Assistant