Our Philosophy

Since its foundation in 1987, FIBER-LINE® has been working on the basis of an unambiguous philosophy. Naturally, this philosophy has evolved and been developed and refined over the course of the years. But the essence remains the same: we are customer-focused. 

Because we are committed to our customers, we are also committed to quality. FIBER-LINE® is ISO 9001 certified and quality is a core foundation in our company. FIBER-LINE®'s research, development, and engineering teams are continuously evaluating new materials and processes that allow us to offer improved products and solutions to meet your requirements.

Treat each other as we want to be treated
The philosophy of FIBER-LINE® is simply to treat each other as we want to be treated. This philosophy is reflected in the relationships between the company, all of its employees, and how the employees treat each other. The same philosophy is mirrored in how we treat our customers, suppliers, and others in our personal lives. The philosophy is simple in statement, but requires a tremendous effort to implement on a daily basis. It forces each of us to think about putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes, and then treating that person as we would want to be treated in the same position.

Put ourselves in the position of our customer
From our sales perspective, this philosophy enables us to put ourselves in the position of our customer. If we are the customer, we want service, knowledgeable sales advice, good-quality products at a fair price, and on-time delivery. Therefore, as a manufacturer, it is our responsibility to give our customers exactly what we would want and treat them how we would want to be treated.

Solve Problems
The most exciting part of our mission is developing and manufacturing products that solve problems. Whatever challenges your business faces, I hope you will allow FIBER-LINE® the opportunity to help you meet them.