Novoloid: High Temperature Packing Yarn

Key Features of Novoloid

  • Excellent flame resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Can withstand short-term heat exposure in temperatures > 1000C 
  • Excellent thermal insulator
  • Low smoke and combustion toxicity
  • Very compatible with thermoset & thermoplastic resins


The technology to produce Novoloid Phenolic Fiber was initially developed in the late 1960’s with commercial fiber production and development by Gunei Chemical Industry Co. based in Japan. 



Novoloid, or Phenolic fiber, is a thermoset organic fiber produced from a phenolic novolac resin.  The precursor resin is melt-spun in a solution of formaldehyde and hydrochloric acid.  The reaction occurs and fibers are formed and cured.  Novoloid fibers are composed of 76% carbon, 18% oxygen, & 6% hydrogen. Novoloid can also be used a precursor to carbon fiber. 

FIBER-LINE® Enhancing Processes

Novoloid Products:

Gunei Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.; Kynol, Inc. (Distributor) 


Common Types & Deniers
Multi-filament and Spun

Various deniers available

Novoloid Bare Fiber Performance

Abrasion Resistance
Yarn on Yarn Abrasion
Ultraviolet (UV) Resistance
Flame Resistance
Chemical Resistance (Acid)
Chemical Resistance (Alkali)
Chemical Resistance (Organic Solvent)

Chemical Resistance to Acid:
 Degrades in concentrated or hot Nitric and Sulfuric acid.
Chemical Resistance to Alkali: Strong alkalis will attack at high temperature or concentration.
Chemical Resistance to Organic Solvent: Resistant to most organic solvents

Novoloid Data

Typical Properties

Property UOM Value
Breaking Tenacity g/d 1.5
Specific Gravity Ratio 1.27
Elongation @ Break % 30.0 - 40.0
Tensile Modules g/d 2.5 - 5.0
Moisture Regain* % 6.0
Creep** % N/A
Shrinkage*** % <0.1
Decomposition Temp. 150 - 250

* Equilibrium moisture regain @ 55% RH    ** Creep @ 40%-58% ultimate tensile strength    *** Shrinkage in dry air @ 177 C for 30 minutes

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