Fiber Optic Cables

For over 25 years, FIBER-LINE® has been a supplier to the OFC market.  Our broad range of products and customized solutions focus on one critical condition: protect and extend the life of communication cables. 

Whether you need water swellable solutions for inside buffer tubes or require high-tenacity aramid ripcords to tear through metal armored jackets, FIBER-LINE® has a solution for you.  

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Our products & components have been utilized in various cable designs including:

  • Loose Tube
  • ADSS
  • Premise Cables
  • Ribbon Cables
  • Drop Cables

Our patented Swellcoat™ coatings are engineered to be the last line of defense against the damaging effects of water penetration in cable applications. Swellcoat™ is formulated to process cleanly and efficiently, eliminating the need to deal with messy gels.
FIBER-LINE® is the only supplier to offer a complete line of water swellable cable components in your dry able designs. 

Products & Solutions: