Oil & Gas

Despite the current industry slowdown, FIBER-LINE® continues to develop new products and invest in equipment and technology to meet tomorrows challenges. Our customers are facing greater demands then in previous years. Exploration activity will need to increase in an era where adding future reserves will be technologically more complex. 

FIBER-LINE® recognizes the search for new reserves is taking the industry to deeper waters and forcing companies to invest in new technologies focusing on lighter, longer, and stronger tethers, cables, and streamers.

For over two decades, FIBER-LINE® has provided strength members of various sizes & constructions into the oil and gas market.  Our vast knowledge of fiber performance married with our coating expertise and engineered fiber processing offers lightweight, high tenacity, high modulus, and superior long-lasting products.

Our products have been utilized in various cable designs including:

  • ROV Tethers
  • Thermoplastic Umblicals
  • Light Optical Lead-in Cables
  • Onshore & Offshore Seismic Cables
  • Streamers

Our coating technology has helped with the design and increased longevity for our customers.  Some coatings commonly used include FIBER-LINE® Bondcoat™ for adhesion promotion, FIBER-LINE® Wearcoat™  for abrasion resistance and process improvement, and FIBER-LINE®  Blockcoat™ for anti-wick and snag resistance.  

Products & Solutions: