Carbon Fiber Advanced Processing

Key Features of Carbon Fiber:

  • High strength & modulus
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Electrical & thermal conductor
  • Flame resistant
  • UV inert
  • X-Ray Permeable
  • Excellent EMI


FIBER-LINE® Advanced Carbon Fiber processing utilizes the latest technological advancements in fiber handling:  


Key Features of Carbon Fiber Twisting

  • FIBER-LINE® is now offering proprietary specialized carbon fiber twisting and plying
  • Specialized equipment designed to carefully handle carbon tows and protect individual filaments.
  • Twisting process can be optimized for increased tensile strength or for flex-fatigue improvement.
  • Twisting carbon tows produces a geometricaly round profile

FIBER-LINE® twisting aligns the filaments in the fiber bundle which enhances processing and increases break strength.

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Check out our Twisting page or download the Twisting Guide



Key Features of Wearcoat™ 

  • Proprietary coating formulations used to help protect the fibers during further processing
  • Various coating methods allow for precision application of coatings for tight controls & tolerances.
  • Increases durability and abrasion resistance by encapsulating filaments in the fiber bundle 
  • Extends the life of the product by reducing the effects of friction and yarn on yarn abrasion 
  • Protects the fiber from degradation and filamentation 
  • Ideal for high abrasion and high friction applications in a range

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Key Features of Bondcoat™ 

  • Proprietary coating formulations used to bond/adhere the Carbon fiber to another surface
  • Helps fabric ends from pulling apart from the other ends
  • Created for applications where an untreated fiber does not have the ability to provide the appropriate amount of bonding charac- teristics to another material 
  • Provides adhesion to another fiber or sub- strate without impacting other performance properties 
  • Also used to better secure the fiber to the resin matrix it is introduced into 
  • Rely on Bondcoat to pass industry standard “burst” tests or stringent delamination analysis

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Check out our Coating page or download the Coating Guide  





Key Feature of Carbon Fiber Pultruded Rod

  • Increased strength and modulus compared to traditional FRP
  • Reduce diameter without sacrificing strength or modulus 

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Check out our Pultrusion page or download the Pultrusion datasheet 

Chemical Resistance to Acid: Information here.
Chemical Resistance to Alkali: Information here.

Carbon Fiber Advanced Processing Data

Standard Modulus

High Modulus

* Equilibrium moisture regain @ 55% RH    ** Creep @ 40%-58% ultimate tensile strength    *** Shrinkage in dry air @ 177 C for 30 minutes

This data is provided for informational purposes only, and does not constitute a specification. FIBER-LINE makes no warranty, express or implied, that the product conforms to these values. Contact your FIBER-LINE representative for exact product details which conform to your specific requirements.