FIBER-LINE® Braiding: Customized & Engineered Solutions

FIBER-LINE® offers braided products that offer unique characteristics and properties that twisted and roved yarns cannot.  Combined with FIBER-LINE® coating technology, we engineer custom braided products that address our customers' most demaning challenges.  Get in touch with us today!


Key Features of FIBER-LINE® Braiding: 

  • 6, 8, 12, 16 & 24 End Braids
  • Maypole & New England Butt Style Braiders
  • Flat or Round Profiles
  • Cored Braids for Added Strength & Flexibility
  • Specialized equipment will not damage filaments
  • Metered Lengths Tailored for your Application
  • Customized Coating Formulations for Abrasion Resistance

FIBER-LINE® Braided Fibers:

FIBER-LINE® High Performance Coatings: 

  • FIBER-LINE® Wearcoat™
  • FIBER-LINE® Protexcoat™
  • FIBER-LINE® Colorcoat™