FIBER-LINE® Pultrusion: Composite Fiber Rods


FIBER-LINE® pultrusion is the process of impregnating and curing fibers in a resin system to form a rigid rod.  The fibers are guided through tooling, formed into the desired shape and diameter, then cured.  Thermal and UV curing available dependent upon the desired diameter & fiber type.

Key Features of FIBER-LINE® Pultruded Products:

  • 0.75mm - 5.00mm sizes available
  • Dielectric (exception of carbon)
  • Round, oval & rectangular shapes available
  • FIBER-LINE® Swellcoat™ water blocking SAP available
  • Additional up-jacketing up to 17.00mm
  • Rod printing available for accurate length reading

FIBER-LINE® Fibers for Pultrusion: