Belt & Hose Reinforcement Yarn: Bondcoat™ Adhesion


FIBER-LINE® produces various twisted and corded products for reinforcement in drive/timing belts and hoses. These products have high-strength, low stretch, and excellent fatigue properties. FIBER-LINE® twisted and corded products are properly torque-balanced for optimal performance.

Key Features of FIBER-LINE® Belt & Hose Yarn:

  • Flexible & lightweight reinforcements
  • Limited elongation & high strength
  • Various twisted & corded constructions available
  • Significantly reduce fraying during processing
  • Metered lengths available

FIBER-LINE® Bondcoat products were created for applications where an untreated fiber does not have the ability to provide the appropriate amount of bonding characteristics to another material.  

Fibers for Belt & Hose Reinforcement:

Performance Adding Coatings:

  • FIBER-LINE® Bondcoat™: Adhesion promotors

FIBER-LINE® Belt & Hose Yarn is supplied on a variety of cardboard tubes to meet your equipment needs. Packages can be supplied on colored, embossed and/or slit tubes. Plastic, wood, or metal reels are also available. Contact us today with dimensions you require. 

Popular Products

Product IDFiber-Line CoatingBase fiberNominal Break strengthNominal YieldNominal DiameterDescription
FG2039FIBER-LINE® Bondcoat™Kevlar®19 kg8725 m/kg0.374 mmTwisted Kevlar® fiber coated with heat-activated adhesive coating
FG2000FIBER-LINE® Bondcoat™Kevlar®45 kg3928 m/kg0.558 mmTwisted Kevlar® fiber coated with heat-activated adhesive coating
FG1706FIBER-LINE® Bondcoat™Kevlar®180 kg917 m/kg1.22 mmHigh twist Kevlar® cord coated with heat-activated adhesive coating
FG2199FIBER-LINE® Bondcoat™Vectran®250 kg920 m/kg1.31 mmTwisted Vectran® cord coated with adhesion promoting coating


This data is provided for informational purposes only, and does not constitute a specification. FIBER-LINE makes no warranty, express or implied, that the product conforms to these values. Contact your FIBER-LINE representative for exact product details which conform to your specific requirements.

Why FIBER-LINE® Belt & Hose Yarn?

Because it has high-strength, low stretch, excellent fatigue & adhesion promoting bonding properties for optimal performance. 

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