Packing Yarn: Extend The Life of Your Pump


FIBER-LINE® packing yarns are designed to improve the performance versus finished braid coatings, yielding time and cost savings. Coating at the filament level allows the various resins to penetrate the fiber bundle before the yarns are braided. 

Key Features of FIBER-LINE® Packing Yarn:

  • Filament level coating produces longer lasting products 
  • Dissipates heat and reduces shaft wear
  • Excellent sealing and lubricity properties
  • Twisted products available for added strength
  • PFOA free products available 

FIBER-LINE® offers a broad range of continuous filament yarns and performance additives for braided compression packing yarns. We combine the yarns and coatings to create unique products designed to add performance to meet your exact requirement.

Coating the material after braiding does not allow for the same level of impregnation.  Filament level coating delivers higher % level of pickup which ultimately extends the life of the braid and reduces required maintenance. 

Fibers for Packing Yarn:

Performance Adding Coatings:

  • FIBER-LINE® Packcoat™ PTFE
  • FIBER-LINE® Packcoat™ Graphite
  • FIBER-LINE® Packcoat™ Silicone Oil
  • FIBER-LINE® Packcoat™ Mineral Oil
  • FIBER-LINE® Packcoat™ Paraffin Oil

FIBER-LINE® Packing Yarn is supplied on a variety of cardboard tubes to meet your equipment needs. Packages can be supplied on colored, embossed and/or slit tubes. Plastic, wood, or metal reels are also available. Contact us today with dimensions you require. 

Popular Products

Product IDFiber-Line CoatingBase fiberNominal YieldDescription
FG1350FIBER-LINE® Packcoat™Nomex® 400 m/kgPTFE & silicone oil dispersion. PFOA Free
FG2229FIBER-LINE® Packcoat™Carbon257 m/kgPFOA free PTFE & graphite based lubricant dispersion
FG11683FIBER-LINE® Packcoat™Carbon1125 m/kgPFOA free PTFE, silicone, & graphite based lubricant dispersion


This data is provided for informational purposes only, and does not constitute a specification. FIBER-LINE makes no warranty, express or implied, that the product conforms to these values. Contact your FIBER-LINE representative for exact product details which conform to your specific requirements.

Why FIBER-LINE® Packing Yarn?

Because filament level coating delivers a higher % level of pickup which ultimately extends the life of the braid and reduces required maintenance.

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