Strength Members: Lightweight & Incredibly Strong

FIBER-LINE® develops and produces a full line of high performance strength members. The products are used around the world as central strength members or as components of larger rope and cord structures. Utilizing FIBER-LINE® processing capabilities (extrusion, pultrusion, & twisting) and performance-enhancing coatings, allow our customers to achieve optimal performance.

Key Features of FIBER-LINE® Strength Members:

  • Dielectric strength members (exception of Carbon)
  • Sizes Available: 0.175 mm – 30.00mm
  • Shapes: Flat or round

Available Forms:

  • Flat
  • Twisted
  • Cords
  • Roving
  • Jacketed (Extrusion)
  • Pultruded Rod

Our Products Add


On an equivalent weight basis, fibers like Aramid, LCP, and PBO are 5-10 times stronger than steel.

Chemical Resistance
High performance fibers resist soiling and the absorption of water, solvents, and other chemicals.

Abrasion Resistance
HMPE as a jacketing material is a great example of the excellent abrasion resistance of high performance fibers.

Fatigue Resistance
Aramid Fibers have exceptional bending and tensile fatigue resistance.

Safer Handling
Because synthetic fibers are flexible and weigh less than steel, they are easier to work with, lead to fewer weight-related injuries and completely eliminates fish hooks.

Synthetic fiber cables have excellent shock absorption and load dampening properties.

Our Products Remove

Steel is heavier than synthetic fibers.  HMPE for example has a specific gravity less than 1 and will float in water. 

Since our products are non-corrosive, they offer outstanding performance in corrosive environments, including marine and offshore applications.

High-performance synthetic fibers act as a barrier between electrical components.

When exposed to static long-term loads, synthetic fibers stretch very little.  LCP for example, can be constructed to practically eliminate creep.

All high-modulus high-performance fibers such as carbon tows have low stretch properties.  Depending on the application, polyamide and polyester can provide higher stretch properties if desired.

Unlike steel wire, appropriately constructed synthetic fibers do not kink, resulting in a safer and longer-lasting product.


Fibers for Strength Members:

Performance Adding Coatings:

  • FIBER-LINE® Wearcoat: Abrasion Resistance
  • FIBER-LINE® Bondcoat™: Adhesion Promotion
  • FIBER-LINE® Protextcoat™: UV Protection
  • FIBER-LINE® Colorcoat™: Color Identification
  • FIBER-LINE® Swellcoat™: Water Absorbing Protection
  • FIBER-LINE® Swellcoat™ Blocker: Block Water Migration

Performance Adding Polymer Jackets:

  • PP
  • ETFE
  • Polyurethane
  • PVC
  • PFA
  • PVDF
  • EPC

FIBER-LINE® Strength Members are supplied on a variety of cardboard tubes to meet your equipment needs. Packages can be supplied on colored, embossed and/or slit tubes. Plastic, wood, or metal reels are also available. Contact us today with dimensions you require.

Why FIBER-LINE® Strength Members?

Because our high strength synthetic fibers in combination with value-add processing outperform the properties of steel and wire rope.

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