Swellcoat™: Water Blocking & Absorbing Yarn


FIBER-LINE® offers a multitude of water blocking/swelling performance by controlling different levels of coating on the fiber. 

Key Features of Swellcoat™ Water Blocking Yarn

  • Binder yarn, buffer thread, & filler yarn
  • Low, ultra low, & zero shrink yarn available
  • Precision wound for optimal speeds
  • Single & dual ends available
  • Low dust
  • Replaces messy gels

The Swellcoat™ Advantage
Swellcoat™ impregnated fibers are an efficient means of introducing SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) into the fiber optic cable. Swellcoat™ binders, fillers, and buffer threads from FIBER-LINE® are an excellent means of producing a dry cable design. Swellcoat™ products create a stable gel and can absorb up to 100x their weight.

Swellcoat™ Blocker is a lower level water-blocking finish for any technical fiber or textile substrate.  Swellcoat™ Blocker products provide water-blocked strength reinforcements for dry cable designs and can absorb up to 15x it's weight.

Non-Coated Binders & Fillers
FIBER-LINE® also produces flat, uncoated binder yarns supplied in precision wound packages to yield the greatest length per package and to ensure solid package stability and minimum ballooning at speeds reaching 4000 rpm's.  FIBER-LINE® has developed binder products that exceed the industry standards. 

Fibers for Water Blocking Yarn

Performance Adding Coatings

  • FIBER-LINE® Swellcoat™: Water Absorbing Protection
  • FIBER-LINE® Swellcoat™Blocker: Block Water Migration
  • FIBER-LINE® Colorcoat™: Color Identification for Easy Tracking
  • FIBER-LINE® Repelcoat™: Water Repellency 
  • FIBER-LINE® Blockcoat™: Anti-Wick  water penetration & snag resistance  

FIBER-LINE® Water Blocking Yarn is supplied on a variety of cardboard tubes to meet your equipment needs.  
Packages can be supplied on colored, embossed and/or slit tubes. Plastic, wood, or metal reels are also available.
Contact us today with dimensions you require.

Popular Products

Product IDFiber-Line CoatingBase fiberAbsorption CapacityBreak strengthNominal YieldGeometryAvg. Crossectional DimensionsNotes
FG10824Swellcoat™PET Polyester45.0 g/g1.1 kg32,777 m/kgFlatWidth= .35mm Thickness= .11mm Equiv. Ø= .22mmWater Swellable Buffer Thread
FG10492Swellcoat™PET Polyester75.0 g/g1.9 kg16,660 m/kgFlatWidth= .48mm Thickness= .15mm Equiv. Ø= .32mmLow Shrink Water Swellable Buffer Thread
FG2043Swellcoat™PET Polyester80.0 g/g3.1 kg9005 m/kgFlatWidth= .75mm Thickness= .24mm Equiv. Ø= .43mmLow shrink binder yarn
FG1913Swellcoat™PET Polyester70.0 g/g12.2 kg3480 m/kgFlatWidth= 2.25mm Thickness= .20mm Equiv. Ø= .69mmLow shrink binder yarn
FG1849Swellcoat™Kevlar®66.0 g/g20.3 kg5640 m/kgFlatWidth= 1.30mm Thickness= .20mm Equiv. Ø= .53mmZero shrink binder yarn

This data is provided for informational purposes only, and does not constitute a specification. FIBER-LINE makes no warranty, express or implied, that the product conforms to these values. Contact your FIBER-LINE representative for exact product details which conform to your specific requirements.

Why FIBER-LINE® Water Blocking Yarn?

Because our Swellcoat™ impregnated fibers are the most efficient means of introducing Super Absorbent Polymer into the fiber optic cable as it can absorb up to 100x its own weight.

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