Wire Harness Yarn: For Aerospace, Automotive & Robotics


FIBER-LINE® wire harness yarns allows you to produce thinner, lighter, and more durable products.  Since our yarns are lighter and thinner than metal, you can conserve more valuable space and provide greater design flexibility.  

Key Features of FIBER-LINE® Wire Harness Yarn:

  • Available flat, twisted, or cord
  • Reduction in overall weight & energy usage
  • High temperature resistance
  • Protection from thermal degradation
  • Various colors available for easy identification
  • Abrasion resistant

FIBER-LINE® provides a wide range of products utilized for wire harnesses. As demand for electrical and electronic content is growing in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and robotics, wire harness designs are more complex and their performance requirements are increasing.

FIBER-LINE® high-performance fibers protect against thermal degradation, resist harsh fluids, and add insulation.  FIBER-LINE® Colorcoat replaces recently discontinued solution-dyed products.

Fibers for Wire Harness Yarn:

Performance Adding Coatings:

  • FIBER-LINE® Colorcoat: Color Identification 
  • FIBER-LINE® Wearcoat: Abrasion & High-Temperature Resistance
  • FIBER-LINE® Bondcoat: Adhesion Promotion
  • FIBER-LINE® Flamecoat: Flame Retardancy
  • FIBER-LINE® Protexcoat: UV Protection

FIBER-LINE® Wire Harness Yarn is supplied on a variety of cardboard tubes to meet your equipment needs. Packages can be supplied on colored, embossed and/or slit tubes. Plastic, wood, or metal reels are also available. Contact us today with dimensions you require. 

Popular Products

Product IDFiber-Line CoatingBase fiberNominal Break strengthNominal YieldNominal DiameterNotes
FG1111Fiber-Line® Wearcoat™ & Colorcoat™Nomex™5.9 kg6672 m/kg.438 mmHigh-temp resistant coating with colorant for identification
FG1101Fiber-Line® Colorcoat™Nomex™18.1 kg2167 m/kg.815 mmTwisted Nomex™ cord with color coating for identification
FG1006Fiber-Line® Wearcoat™E-glass7.6 kg8726 m/kg.372 mmTwisted e-glass cord with high-temperature resistant coating & processing aid


This data is provided for informational purposes only, and does not constitute a specification. FIBER-LINE makes no warranty, express or implied, that the product conforms to these values. Contact your FIBER-LINE representative for exact product details which conform to your specific requirements.

Why FIBER-LINE® Wire Harness Yarn?

Because our wire harness yarns allows you to produce thinner, lighter, and more durable products. 

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