2016 Wire China Recap

10/20/16 08:46 - 08:47

FIBER-LINE® participated in the 2016 Wire China Show in Shanghai, China from September 26th - 29th.  It was a great opportunity to meet with all of FIBER-LINE®‘s existing and prospective customers from mainland China.   The Wire Show is a great venue for all attendees to see the development and innovation of technologies in the Wire & Cable industry and to search for new products. 

“Judging by the attendance and level of activity of the show, it is clear the Wire & Cable market in China is still growing.

One trend that was most noticeable was the increase in usage of the dry-dry cable design.  FIBER-LINE® will participate in this market by offering several Swellcoat™ water absorbing & blocking products.”

-Vika Wang, Sales Manager Asia Pacific


Beside the traditional FOC market, FIBER-LINE®‘s Synthetic Wire design also drew a lot of attention of visitors from industrial companies. They are interested in the idea of using aramid or other synthetic fibers (through specific processes) as replacement of steel wires for better performance. 

Overall, the market in China and Asia is very positive.  As a western company, FIBER-LINE® is ready to introduce its’ products and philosophy to this market via close interaction with the customers and quick adaption into different needs and applications.

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